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Catering Equipment

Welcome to Prestige Products where quality restaurant equipment and our expertise join to match reliable catering equipment to your hospitality needs at best prices. Often you need to have a hot or cold food display also referred to as Bain Marie in the catering industry. Prestige Products are specialists catering equipment suppliers in the sale or hire of high quality commercial catering equipment like food displays and refrigeration throughout Australia. A good and reliable kitchen equipment doesn't have to be expensive. We make all cooking equipment from trusted brands affordable and SAVE you money.

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Hospitality suppliers

Hospitality suppliers

A hospitality supplier you can count on is of great importance to chefs, restaurant and cafe owners or kitchen managers in a hotel, bar, cafe or restaurant. When buying restaurant equipment there is more to think about than just the price. You need to seriously consider quality, performance, capacity for your trading, reliability and after sales service. We can match the right catering equipment to your business and help you with timely supply of new commercial kitchen equipment. Whether you are at the concept stage or looking around for ideas to replace cafe equipment or cooking equipment in kitchen, we will work with you to find the best and the most cost effective solution for your project.

Ovens and Cooking Equipment in Commercial Kitchens


Cooking and catering for large numbers in a commercial Kitchen requires having good quality cooking equipment, a combi oven and adequate commercial refrigeration. A good brand of combi oven like Rational or Convotherm can seriously save you time and money and streamline many kitchen processes. Reliable kitchen supplies, other equipment like commercial deep fryers, sous vide equipment, a good vacuum sealer and other commercial kitchen appliances are essential to your hotel or restaurant reputation and ongoing success. We supply all your cooking equipment needs from niche and unique catering products to mainstream restaurant and cafe equipment, a one-stop-shop for all your hospitality equipment needs.

Commercial Juicers and Food Processors


A good commercial food processor and juicer are essential in any commercial kitchen. Santos and Zumex juicers are the world leaders in juicing equipment. A popular brand of food processors is Robot Coupe where the brand name itself has become the industry reference for a food processors. MyCook Professional is a popular commercial thermal mixer and all-in-one kitchen robot doing a number of kitchen tasks with ease and at an affordable price. Rowzer is a frozen food emulsifier producing creamy sweet or savoury textures from frozen food and allowing cafes and restaurants produce ice cream and gelato on demand. Buy trusted brands of industrial restaurant equipment for great performance, reliability, after sales service and peace of mind.