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Catering Equipment

Prestige Products is a Silver Chef authorised dealer and can offer you the unique Rent-Try-Buy® Solution. This gives you the opportunity to secure your restaurant equipment needs whilst preserving your cashflow for operation. Rent-Try-Buy® is perfect for cafe owners, restaurateurs and caterers who want to keep their options open.

Catering Equipment

Reliable catering equipment is at the heart of hospitality, and often you need to have reliable hot or cold food display also referred to as Bain Marie in the catering industry. Prestige Products are specialists catering equipment suppliers in the sale or hire of high quality and reliable commercial catering equipment like food displays and refrigeration throughout Australia.

Hospitality suppliers

A hospitality supplier you can rely on is of great importance to owners or managers of a kitchen in a hotel, bar, cafe or restaurant. When buying restaurant equipment there is more to think about than just the price. You need to seriously consider quality, performance, capacity for your trading, reliability and after sales service. We can match the right catering appliance to your business and help you with timely supply of new commercial kitchen appliances. Whether you are at the concept stage or looking around for ideas to replace cafe equipment or cooking appliances in kitchen, we will work with you to find the best and the most cost effective solution for your project.

Commercial Cooking, Kitchens and Ovens

Cooking in any commercial Kitchen to cater for large numbers, you must be able to rely on your cooking equipment and combi oven and use adequate commercial refrigeration. Quality kitchen supplies, other appliances like commercial deep fryers and commercial kitchen appliances are essential to your hotel or restaurant reputation and ongoing success.

Commercial Juicers and Food Processors

A good commercial food processor and juicer are essential in any commercial kitchen. A popular brand is Robot Coupe where the brand name itself has become the industry reference for a food processor. Buy trusted brands of industrial restaurant equipment for great performance, reliability, after sales service and peace of mind.

Prestige Products is proud to support Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute. Five Dollars from every Silver Ad placement in our second hand section will be donated to Victor Chang Cardiac Research institute to support this worthy cause and to ensure the work of this pioneering surgeon continues. You can contribute towards this important work by making additional donations. Please click on the above banner to make a donation.