Vacuum Packers

Vacuum Packers Vacuum sealers and vacuum packaging machines (Distform, mychef, Tekvac, Orved, PureVac, Sammic) are on sale here with expert advice & Australia wide delivery.

Vacuum food sealers

Prestige Products provides a quality range of vacuum packaging machines to cafes, restaurants, hotels and butcher shops.

Non-chamber and commercial chamber vacuum sealing machines

Vacuum packaging provides numerous benefits to any food business. Slowing food oxidisation process, it will substantially increase food shelf life and reduce food waste through portion control. Depending on your needs, we can supply timer or sensor vacuum sealers. With a timer controlled vacuum machine a time is set and the vacuum level can be monitored with an analogue vacuum meter. Excellent vacuum levels can be reached but indication of the vacuum meter is less accurate then a digital controlled unit. With a sensor controlled vacuum sealer the vacuum is measured with a sensor with very high accuracy and the results are digitally displayed. This results in shorter cycle times because when the desired vacuum level is reached the machine will immediately start the next operation.

Orved & mychef iSensor vacuum sealers

As authorised distributors of Orved and mychef vacuum sealers, we can provide you with good quality European vacuum sealer that can save your business money and last for many years to come.

mychef iSensor vacuum sealers

mychef iSensor vacuum sealers are manufactured in Spain and have been designed in consultation with world’s top chefs. With an extensive models ranging from small table top chamber model up to large free-standing vacuum sealers, mychef iSensor vacuum packers are the most technically advanced vacuum sealers on the market today.

Orved vacuum sealers

Orved vacuum sealers are manufactured in Italy and have an extensive range to suite any application. With over 25 years experience in vacuum sealing technology, Orved vacuum packaging machines are renowned for their reliability and strength.

All vacuum sealers we supply are covered by a manufacturer's warranty nationally.

Australia wide delivery

We deliver Australia wide to all states and territories and to all major cities. Regional and country areas are also covered.