Freezer Room Kits

Freezer Room Kits Freezer room kits, freezer room motors and all refrigeration equipment are on sale for Australia wide delivery, expert advice & best price.

Walk in Freezer Rooms

Freezer room kits are modular and supplied flat packed for quick assembly on site. Our walk in freezer rooms are an affordable alternative to a custom freezer rooms. Desmon freezer room kits are made in Italy, have superior finish and are very easy to build. Our freezer room kits are made to last and can be dismantled and re-assembled many times with ease. A Desmon flat pack freezer room kit contains all the necessary components for a smooth, quick, hassle free construction and is suitable for use in cafés, restaurants, Bars, fast food retailers, factories, hospitals, aged care facilities or any other commercial applications. Prestige Products has over 20 years experience in this field with hundreds of freezer rooms sold around the country. A Desmon freezer room will be an asset for your business for many years to come.

Freezer Room Insulation

Our freezer room kits are made of pre-fabricated panels with superior finish and better insulation. Our panels are injected with high-density 80-mm polyurethane for maximum cooling efficiency and performance. The high density polyurethane insulation in our panels has the same insulation efficiencies as a 200mm polystyrene panel and equates to a further 20% reduction in running costs compared to other panels currently available on the market. The high density Polyurethane panels are light but strong, anti-corrosion, moisture-resistant and easy to install and provide good heat insulation.

Easy DIY Assembly

Our freezer room panels are designed for fast and easy on-site assembly by anyone with basic DIY skills. Desmon panels have male/female ends and built-in camlocks for easy installation and to guarantee a perfect seal without having to cut, screw or glue any parts. Our kit freezer rooms feature a reversible hinged door. If required, we can also supply a sliding door with all the railings and fittings at extra cost.

A Range of Refrigeration Systems

Depending on site height and ventilation, we can supply a range of high quality freezer room motors to suit. The refrigeration system can be a side-mount, drop-in or remote freezer motor. If the freezer room is in an enclosed area with poor ventilation, a remote motor must be used. The remote motors have the condensing unit installed outside where there is good ventilation and the evaporator is connected to the condensing unit through a set of pipes.

Professional Installation

We can provide a professional installation service in all major cities around Australia. Installing our flat packed freezer rooms is simple and easy to do for anyone with basic DIY skills. There is a short video on each freezer room page to show you how to install the freezer room kits. Alternatively, you can arrange installation through a tradesman. Depending on the refrigeration system you choose, installation may require the services of a licensed refrigeration mechanic.

Australia wide delivery

We deliver freezer rooms Australia wide to all states and territories and to all major cities. Regional and country areas are also covered. Alternatively, you can arrange your own transport or collect from our warehouse.