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  • Rational XS Combi Oven SCC5S623 new sale

    Rational XS Combi Oven SCC5S623

    Product code: SCC5S623
    • $15,000.00   +GST
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    Rational XS Combi Oven SCC5S623

    Rational SCC5S623 SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses XS is the small-sized professional combi oven that's more than just an ordinary combi steamer.

    • Capacity: 6x 2/3 GN tray
    • Number of meals per day: 20–80
    • Lengthwise loading: 1/2, 2/3, 1/3, 2/8 GN
    • ICC – iCookingControl with 7 Automatic Cooking Modes will prepare your food exactly as you specify, every time. It doesn‘t matter who is using the appliance. It recognises the size and condition of the products as well as the loaded quantity. It thinks ahead and constantly reprogrammes and automatically adapts the cooking ideal path to your desired result.
    • ILC - With iLevelControl, you can prepare different foods at the same time. iLevelControl will show you on the display which dishes can be cooked together. This increases productivity and saves time, money, space and energy. Depending on the load size, quantity and duration of door openings, it adjusts the cooking time to the relevant food in the best possible way. This means nothing can be overcooked and the result is always consistent.
    • Efficient Care Control – A unique automatic cleaning system that detects dirt and limescale and removes them easily. The function adapts to your requirements and proposes the best clean at a given time. If desired, you can save a cleaning time schedule based on your operating hours. The SelfCookingCenter will automatically signal at the defined times. The result: sparkling, hygienic cleanliness, you save time, preserve the environment and protect your wallet.
    • High Density Control – Highly sensitive sensors detect and recognise the current conditions in the cooking cabinet every second. HiDensityControl adapts the energy level precisely to the food requirements and evenly and efficiently distributes the heat throughout the cooking cabinet. The result is top quality even cooking results on every single tray with minimal consumption of resources.
    • High Performance Steam Generator with automatic descaling provides quality cooking results and savings on annual maintenance
    • LED lighting - The completely new LED lighting provides optimal illumination of the cooking chamber and of every single rack, from top to bottom and from back to front. The light neutrally reflects the browning of the products. Energy-saving, durable and low maintenance.
    • Triple glazed door - Triple pane glass door with cutting edge heat reflection coating ensures minimum heat loss. You save up to 10% in energy costs as a result. Since all the panels can be cleaned, visibility remains good for well over a year.
    • Energy consumption display - You will always know how much energy an individual cooking process requires and how much energy per day has been consumed. The data is visible both on the display and as a download.
    • ConnectedCooking - Connect your RATIONAL appliances easily with the latest network solution for professional kitchens. With ConnectedCooking you always have everything under control: Simple appliance management, remote access function via smart phone, automatic HACCP documentation or you can download recipes from the RATIONAL library conveniently onto your devices.
    • Integrated hand shower with automatic retraction system - Infinitely-variable jet strength and ergonomic handling make it even easier to do a rough clean, or deglaze or add water to a dish.
    • Centrifugal grease separator system - No need to change or clean grease filters and the cooking cabinet air is still clean.
    • ClimaPlus Control - The humidity is precisely measured using sensors in the cooking cabinet and regulated to one percent accuracy in accordance with specifications. Where required, the system extracts excess humidity or adds extra humidity using the steam generator. Even with larger load sizes, you will get crispy crusts, crunchy breading, typical grill pattern and juicy roasts.
    • 300°C maximum cooking cabinet temperature - The extremely robust construction supports temperatures of up to 300°C in the cooking chamber even in constant operation. Special cooking methods such as grilling or searing is no problem even with large quantities of food.
    • easy to use and provides consistent cooking results
    • Fresh steam generator - The fresh steam generator is indispensable if you want to achieve top food quality when steaming. The 100% hygienic fresh steam guarantees maximum steam saturation even at low temperatures, such as when poaching. The steam generator is automatically descaled during the cleaning process. This makes expensive water softening measures or manual descaling unneccessary.
    • Dynamic air circulation - The heat is always optimally distributed thanks to the specific cooking cabinet geometry and the powerful fan impeller drive, which intelligently adjusts the rotation direction and speed to the relevant food product. This ensures excellent food quality even with full loads. An integrated fan impeller brake reacts promptly and quickly stops the fan impeller when the door is opened. This provides added safety.
    • Also available in Natural Gas or LPG models
    • Brand: Rational Combi Ovens
    • Made in Germany
    • Dimensions: W: 655 x D: 555 x H: 567mm
    • Weight: 72 Kg
    • Power: 3 phase (6.2Kw)
    • Warranty: 24 months parts & labour
    Rational's SelfCookingCentre 5 Senses is the first cooking system with real intelligence and it’s revolutionizing the way food is prepared. You no longer have to set temperatures, moisture levels or air circulation speeds, and then continually adjust them. All you need to do is specify the results you want. It doesn’t matter whether you want your food to turn out rare, medium or well-done, lightly browned or dark, with or without a crust. It always comes down to one simple formula for perfect cooking results - select a product, load it, and that’s it — no matter who’s operating the unit. You can grill, roast, bake, steam, stew, blanch or poach food, all within a space of less than 1 m². Meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, egg dishes, baked goods, desserts — you can do it all, whether you’re cooking for a few or for a large crowd.

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