Zumex Zumex juicers, orange juicers, citrus juicers and multifruit juice extractors are available for sale to juice bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Zumex juicers

Zumex juicers are manufactured in Spain. World leaders in this field with extensive experience and expertise, Zumex only manufactures juicers. Prestige Products supplies full range of Zumex juicers to juice bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels and bars. As authorised distributors of Zumex juicers, we can provide you with good quality European juicers that can be a real asset to your business and provide your customers with a quality juice drink for many years to come.

Multifruit, Soul and orange juicers

Depending on your needs and the number of customers you serve, we can supply Zumex multifruit, Soul and orange juicers.

Zumex Multifruit Juicer

Zumex multifruit juicer is a compact centrifugal juice extractor and is ideal for cafes, bars and restaurant where juicing of fruits and vegetables is required.

Zumex Soul

Zumex Soul is a new juicer with an innovative and contemporary design. Zumex Soul has a simple design and can produce a glass of freshly squeezed juice in 15 second! Zumex Soul is the perfect selection for bars, cafes and low volume outlets that require fresh juice on demand!

Zumex orange juicers

Zumex has possibly the best range of automatic orange juicers on the market. Zumex Minex, Versatile Pro and Speed Pro juicers provide various juice production capacities and are also available in self service models with tank or podium.

All Zumex juicers we supply are covered by a manufacturer's warranty nationally.

Australia wide delivery

We deliver Australia wide to all states and territories and to all major cities. Regional and country areas are also covered.