Catering Equipment – Maintenance Tips

The most common cause of all breakdowns in catering equipment is the lack of a preventative maintenance program or in other words the frequency of scheduled servicing. Catering equipment like any other machinery or equipment must be serviced regularly to ensure optimum performance, longevity and breakdown minimisation.

Some operators try to save money by not servicing their equipment unless it has broken down. This costs more money when you take into account the damage to the equipment, higher repair bills, downtime, loss of productivity, and dissatisfied customers. Having a scheduled maintenance program not only saves you money, it eliminates unexpected and costly breakdowns during operation.

Here are some great tips for getting the best out of your catering equipment:

  • Install the equipment in a good location, paying attention to easy access, other appliances nearby and taking occupational health and safety in consideration.
  • Ensure the equipment is installed correctly according to manufacturer’s specifications. In the interest of your own safety and the safety of your employees please avoid taking shortcuts.
  • Do not attempt to install the equipment yourself or by your handyman if the equipment requires installation by a qualified and professional technician.
  • Read the instructions manuals and if uncertain, contact the seller or the authorised agent.
  • Use the equipment for the purpose it was intended for and within the manufacturer’s guidelines. In other words, ensure you are not overloading the equipment or using it for a job the machine was never made for.
  • Follow the correct cleaning procedures and clean the equipment as regularly as you can.
  • Ask your supplier or the authorised agent if they can provide you with a preventative maintenance program.

Following these recommendations, your catering equipment will last longer and you will enjoy better performance and fewer breakdowns.