Electrolux NUC1DP Undercounter Dishwasher Review

Recently, I had to explain the features of an Electrolux NUC1DP undercounter dishwasher to a client. I thought this is a good reference point for all our customers and visitors who may be in the market to purchase an undercounter dishwasher.

Digital controls:
» Digital controls are more precise than electromechanical controls and faster to repair, thus reducing downtime.
» Digital controls allow for self diagnostics and may eliminate unnecessary service calls.
» Digital controls give a better temperature readout and allow for better data logging if required.
» Digital controls allow for self cleaning.
» Digital controls allow for changing of parameters (time & temperature) for wash and/or rinse cycles to obtain the best customized result.
» Digital controls are easier to read and understand.
» Electrolux dishwashers and glass washers have digital controls that is encased in plastic with IPX water protection.

Large Wash Pumps:
» FACT: Larger amount of water over a surface at higher pressure will achieve a better and cleaner result.
» Electrolux has class leading 1HP recirculating wash pump for a cleaner result and better water efficiency.

Soft Start:
» This is a feature often found in the "hi-end" machines.

» This feature limits breakage during a wash cycle and allows for a gentle start so that expensive glassware or lighter items are not turned upside down.

Pressed Tank:
» Pressed tanks are more hygienic and make cleaning a breeze.
» Welded tanks capture grease, fat and food grime on welds.

Drain Pumps:
» Drain pump is included as standard.

Chamber Height:
» Large chamber height accommodates large plates and tall glassware.

Enclosed Back:
» The back panel is fully enclosed to limit noise and assist with vermin protection.