Fastest dishwasher in the world

Today, one of our customers sent me the following image:


I must admit I got a good laugh out of it at first, but the sad reality is that many cafes and restaurant are still doing the dishes by hand. This practice not only adds up in wages and labour cost, it is also very unhygienic and creates a serious health risk for their patrons.

Here are the top 5 reasons you shouldn't do the dishes by hand in a restaurant:

  1. Kill bacterias: To kill bacterias you need higher temperatures that your skin can't tolerate. Commercial dishwashers wash on average at ±60ºC and rinse at ±85ºC. This ensures no bacterias can survive and the dishes are hygienically clean.
  2. Save money: Washing by hand will cost you substantially more in wages, in water consumption and in your energy bill. Diswashers also use less detergent and provide you with further savings.
  3. Save time: Commercial dishwashers have shorter cycles and can handle washing large quantities of dishes in substantially less time.
  4. Save the environment: A dishwasher uses less water and less energy than washing by hand. This will reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. Reduce breakage: Using a dishwasher reduces the number of breakages.

Dishwashers now incorporate latest technology and fantastic features that ensure the best wash results with minimum water or energy consumptions. So, don't risk it and contact us get your business a good quality dishwasher today.