Polaris Underbench Fridges - Review

We have added the Polaris under-bench fridges to our range. Polaris bench fridges have many features that set them apart from similar refrigerated cabinets.

► Polaris bench fridges are tropicalised (rated at +43ºC), ideal for Australian climate and will perform in any commercial kitchen.
► The fan forced refrigeration system is self-contained with front ventilation (intake and out) so the cabinet can be totally built-in for a tight fit.
► The cabinets can also be supplied with remote refrigeration system if required.
► A digital controller is fitted for better controls and automatic defrost cycle.
► The temperature range is adjustable between +0ºC and +10ºC and will suit any product.
► Constructed totally from stainless steel, Polaris counters have maximum insulation and are sure to last.
► The interior is fully coved for better hygiene and easy cleaning.
► Cabinet is gastronome size and accepts 1/1GN gastronome size pans.
► The cabinet is supplied with height adjustable feet that can be adjusted between 830mm and 900mm.
► The cabinets can also be supplied without the stainless steel top to fit under a commercial bench.

Polaris underbench fridges are available in four handy sizes: 1 door (894mm), 2 doors (1258mm), 3 doors (1722mm) and 4 doors (2186mm) versions.