Commercial Orange Juicer (ZUMEX VERSATILE PRO PODIUM)

Price: $3500 Inc GST
Location: Brisbane | QLD


  • Brand: Zumex
  • Power: Electric,Single Phase
  • Location: Brisbane, QLD, 4007
  • Age (years): 3
  • Condition: Demo Model
  • Warranty: None
  • Warranty Duration: 2-3 years

Sellers Contact Details:

  • Seller type: Private Seller
  • Name: Jonene Madison-Foxx
  • Phone: 0438 930 611


Very Good condition- Used 4633 oranges only (6 week period on weekends)
Purchased on this site late December 2015. I used this item for night markets and decided not to continue due to West End Markets closing down. Please enquire for additional photos or check out the product in sales.

Also have an Elmco 2-bowl slushie machine for sale in very good condition selling for $1,200.

Zumex Versatile Pro Podium orange juicer in very good condition for sale:

  • Brand: Zumex
  • Made in Spain
  • Dimensions: W: 470 x D: 550 x H: 850mm
  • Weight: 87 Kg
  • Power: Single phase, 10Amp (300W)
  • Compact orange juicer with high output
  • Output: 22 oranges per minute
  • Feed capacity: 10 Kg
  • Peel waste capacity: 20Kg bin
  • Accepts oranges 65 ~ 81mm diameter
  • Electronic controls with touch screen display
  • Programmable with "Self Serve" & "Auto Start" modes
  • Double magnetic detectors
  • Electrical Protection: Overload & temperature
  • ASP - Antibacterial Silver Polymer
  • New drip-free tap system
  • Very light podium with elegant design
  • Includes integrated waste trolley

Please contact me if interested in the Zumex orange juicer or the slushie machine